A bumper sticker guaranteed to get you harrassed by the police. . .

fuck the police

And now after many requests, you can actually buy the bumper sticker! It is vinyl and 11″x3″. Much higher resolution than shown here. Click here to buy it now.

31 Responses to “A bumper sticker guaranteed to get you harrassed by the police. . .”

  1. Daniel Soto Says:

    took the words right out of my mouth.

  2. Ben Says:

    Fuck ya, I’m getting one of those.

  3. PigRaper Says:


  4. lucas Says:

    is there really such a party? It seems like forming groups goes against the fundamentals of anarchy.

    Ever been pulled over for a “cracked windshield”? This will likely occur should you place one of these on your car.

  5. Shikaru no Takashi Says:

    Jesus, I need me one of them.

  6. sHITeATER Says:

    hey lucas, i think that might be part of the joke big guy. . . :)

  7. zwenkwiel Says:

    & shiteater
    if you don’t know what you’re talking about
    please just shut the hell up.
    there are many different kinds of anarchy only a few are individualist and don’t support the forming of social groups.
    has it ever occured to you we could perhaps all work together for the good of society without a governement forcing us to do so??

  8. bobo Says:

    @zwenkwiel shut up douche.

  9. zwenkwiel Says:

    @bobo shut up dumbass.

  10. annomyous_rebellion Says:


    First: My response to zwenkweiel. I agree that if we want a society with no government over seeing our every move, we will have to work together, but first to start a revoloution or we will never see that abolishment of government and never acheive a “free” society. And if we all don’t act on it really soon we are all going to end up as slaves by incarceration.


    Second: A couple similar bumper stickers I have read.
    1. Kill a cop , save a doughnut.
    2. Bad cop, no doughnut!

  11. Irony Says:

    Two anarchists calling each other names…Really makes a case for anarchy…

    “Don’t make me come back there you two.”

    And if you make fun of me, you only be proving me right.

  12. Filbert Says:

    Sure way to avoid being left the fuck alone.

  13. Jayle Says:

    Heh… It would be strange if somebody bought a bunch of these and started sticking them on cars at the mall, or better yet… a church parking lot.

  14. Jayle Says:

    Oh and Lucas… Anarchists aren’t against working together for freedom, just the rules are different.

    Maybe you’re thinking of nihilists, or even solipsists. Actually nihilists don’t have an aversion to working in groups either. What anarchists really oppose is having a “leadership” as a means to the end. Anarchy is actually more social than all of our current systems today. Today we turn over our major decisions to faceless legislators. Anarchists choose to be part of the process.

  15. Ben Says:

    That is awesome I’m going to try and get that

  16. zwenkweilsucks Says:

    zwenkweil, your absolute stupidity just made my day. has it ever occurred to you that your a fucking moron. hahahaha if anarchy ever does go down first person im going to fuck up is your bitch ass

  17. Anonarchist Says:

    This is not the way to achieve the goals of anarchy. The revolution cannot be one characterized by violence. It must be a movement of peace, and changing of peoples perception through thoughts and ideas. Some good anarchists have spoken up so far, and some fake people who misuse and abuse the term as well. Please read about what anarchy actually represents before knocking it. You may actually find some truth in it.

  18. Anonarchist is a fool Says:

    oh come on anonarchist are you serious? you think the state is going to be swayed with love and sound political ideals? we’d be there now if that was the case. you’re the kind of person who thinks
    protests will eventually get the message across aren’t you? well when your political movement claims success there will have been another collective fighting the troops and the cops and the rest of their fucking machine. violence precipitates change. kill enough cops and the rest will lay down their guns. this is all pointless anyway. working class sam has more important immediate things to worry about like feeding the family and keeping their house repayments up to date before worrying about smashing the state by overthrowing a tyrannical regime and implementing self governance. and without the working class – all your political science bullshit will amount to nothing. go back to your room in your parents house, put on your propagandhi records and feel like you’re where its at.

  19. Big-Fat-Sigh Says:

    This has nothing to do with anarchy. Its just a bumper sticker. Where did this conversation come from??

    RE everyone: Anarchy has nothing to do with violence. Look it up in the dictionary.

    Help stop the misconception that anarchists must believe in violence.

    Hateful and violent “anarchists” are too often angry and cant cope with our “hierarchist” society. But hey, here it is.

    Two options: Accept it and be happy and comfortable with life or go crazy and become homeless and scared of life.

    The power of persuasion can affect thousands more than some violence. If you are going to kill anyone, think broadly of the consequences.

    This bumper sticker pisses me off. People who spread hate through passive aggressive tactics like a fucking BUMPER STICKER are weak.

  20. another different opinion Says:

    its amazing just how many different interpretations of this there have been so far.
    and how passionate people can get about such things.
    in my current mood i am inclined to think the message here is not to kill cops or to not vote nor would i see it as an attempt to “spread hate through passive aggressive tactics”.
    right now i see it as being heavily dosed in sarcasm. but thats just me. i didnt make this so i can only derive what it means based on my own experiences but hey don’t let that stop you all from arguing opinion – its hilarious.
    oh yeah and i would just like to add that violence can affect people just as well as the “power of persuasion” (what kind of persuasion are you talking about anyway – that is so ambiguous).
    think the violent act of 911 – that affected people.
    think the violent act of the police beating rodney king – that affected people.
    and the list goes on.
    but this is all, once again, just opinion.

  21. Lou Says:

    ….and after the cops,the vigilantes?
    scrap the firearms rights for the public..and in the hands of the cops as well

  22. dimm Says:

    It’s a joke. If you can’t laugh at yourself, all is lost.

  23. vketch Says:

    the truth is ugly and rewarding.

  24. DallasHotBoy Says:

    I hate cops soooo much, They arent good for Sh¡t.
    They are all dicks and think its aight to be crooked cause that badge.
    Take a killer and thief and put him in uniform and you got a cop!

  25. disturbed Says:

    Aim for the head, they wear body armor!!

  26. Kiwi king Says:

    Problem is tomany lower educated people become cops these days that degrade the good they intended to do in the first place.

    I have heard from good source’s that when bad cops step over the line they doe receive a hiding themselves (sometimes)

    How to piss a pig off? Don’t talk to them, Don’t give them anymore respect than you need too, And last but not least when in a confrontation with the monkeys, don’t call them “PIGS” because Pigs are intelligent animals, and I have yet to find an intelligent One at that..

  27. Anus Cocksucker Says:

    Fuck a cop in the ass and suck his dick.

  28. kill all cops Says:

    lol i agree hang em all all are crooked corrupt and lie

  29. Nathalie Says:

    Freakin epic!!! I was just looking for “Fuch the Police” bumper stickers and I came across this site! Lovin it!!

  30. joe Says:

    kill a cop for george washington, because you can bet if he was alive he’d be killing them too.

  31. PJ Says:

    Cops are the wrong target, they’re just puppets in the hands of puppetmasters.

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