so now we put up 404 messages as posts?

yeah look i realise that its kinda dumb posting one of our 404 pages in the blog (is that what this is??) but after i made this one i chuckled and chuckled and then i coughed for a bit but then after i finished coughing i chuckled some more. a little while later i felt bad but then the feelings of guilt etc were overwhelmed by more chuckling… i could go on – maybe tell you about the indigestion i’ve had all day or how i won’t wash my clothes in laundromats for fear of catching some weird virus spread by washing machines…but at the end of the day you don’t care about any of that so i’ll sum up just by saying that i hope there is somewhere i can go to get some over priced flavoured balls of calcium carbonate to help ease this pain. i think i’m gonna stop eating bread. its no good. anyway…

error 404: file not found

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