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I could see it being funny in the 90′s

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

is what I said. As if somehow that made it’s weaker qualities acceptable.
And the response to that was:
“Possibly if it was novel, which it isn’t at this stage of the game, it’d be a lot funnier. The ep I watched earlier had one of the skits basically being about how they say “fuck” a lot. It’s clearly a pre-2girls1cup sorta world they’re living in.”
And it was just. It was true. Once you watch the least safe for work video ever there is not much else left. What is real anymore? Breaking glass in your bum, having a horse fuck you in the arse – these things have left me with a hunger for content that can not be satisfied.
Nothing is real now unless it has been shared with the internets.
End review of Mr Show.

Gotye vs. XTC

Monday, March 12th, 2012

I find these two songs very similar to each other.

Gotye – somebody that I used to know


XTC – senses working overtime

Movie review: he’s just not that into you

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

start review:
i’ve never been good with films. truth be told i fall asleep during most. i use it as a gauge for how good the film was. if i watch it in 2 sittings then it was a pretty good movie.
i didn’t actually watch this film – it was watched by the woman sitting next to me whilst on a plane trip. i hate planes. if i could take boats i would.
i couldnt help but notice that several times throughout the film she was crying.
so a film i wouldn’t normally bother to watch unless trying to please a girlfriend (yes, honesty always reads badly) raised some pretty big questions in my head..
have i missed something in life? is there a feeling that i have never experienced that has prevented me from being able to emotionally invest in the glib lives of fictitious middle class white people? all awareness of fiction aside, why could darth vader slaying obi wan kenobi bring me to tears but not the failing relationships of people arguably in my own social/financial/age bracket? i have experienced many a failed interaction with other humans so is it a subconscious defence mechanism that removes me or was it just a shit film?
all this aside the blonde actress who spent all of the girl with the pearl earring looking stunned with her mouth slightly ajar (incidentally that was a three sitting but still unfinished film) is as always beautiful to the point of hurting (clarification – not gong li hurting – she hurts like going for a run after a glass pipe has been smashed inside my colon – this is more of the milder getting punched in the gut by someone you liked and had thought might sleep with you and then watching them walk away slowly pain)…
my guess is that whoever wrote this had the idea of taking beverley hills 90210, sex in the city and friends, mixing them all up and then rewriting it so that it feels like its written by someone trying but failing to make it feel like it could have been written by a young, less jewish woody allen…
end review.

Movie review: wanted

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

start review..
a higher power tells a fraternity how to maintain balance in the world by communicating who to kill through the weave of a loom.
a loom now?
annoying manchild gets near unlimited cash and trained to kill by feature perfect time sliding bubblegum assassins. highly dubious.
crackpipe thin jolie has a nice bottom.
i’m your father luke…
four nights i have tried to watch this.
film concludes with annoying smug pubeboy being annoying.
just don’t.
end review..

Venetian Snares – Greg Hates Car Culture

Friday, November 21st, 2008

start review.
imagine NASENBLUTEN’s Dog Control made on fancy shiny 16bit equipment bought for them by their parents.
end review.