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some questions to bumphlegm finally answered…

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

why do you have a tag for penis but not for vagina?
umm…because we have no problem with the vagina both as an organ and as a political tool…

why do your tags barely relate to the content – their relationship seems almost abstract at times- is this on purpose?
we feel our tags relate to our posts all the time – its finding the relationship that makes it fun

why does your video display off centre in firefox but not ie? (usually its the other way round)
good question. we don’t know either. maybe its wordpress. maybe its us. more than likely its us.

why are your most popular posts not even close to my favorite posts?
the internets are a strange place. the posts we like don’t seem to appeal to anyone else

why did it take so long to fix the edges on your header?
because most of the time we struggle to care

why are you so obsessed with goatse but seemingly no other memes? and whats wrong with lolcats anyway?
goatse is the first and only meme…and lolcats are like a skin irritation on your genitals that you are too scared to ask the doctor about. well we dare to ask the doctor…

why do you not display the author of each post?
everyone posts with the same name so it would be a pointless waste of an inconsequential amount of bandwidth

your politics seem to swing from hard left to hard right from post to post and sometimes even within a post – is this a statement on the fluid nature of political ideology or are you just stupid?

why have you added to a few legitimate questions you have received with a heap of idiocy cloaked as more questions?
its what we do – we break down the truth into smaller lies…then try and piece them back together with crepe paper, clag glue and a sprinkling of glitter

whats up with the jesus thing?
jesus is the man. well, a man anyways…well, maybe he was a man. who knows…[shrug]
editors note: man perhaps, son of god i think not…
gods note: since when have you had an editor – i call fraud!
bumphlegms note: since when has there been a god – i call misbelief!
gods note: you’re probably right – this was a dumb idea for a post anyways…
bumphlegms note: uh-huh..but aren’t they all?