the binary number of the beast


5 Responses to “the binary number of the beast”

  1. avisioncame Says:

    no 666 is 00110110 00110110 00110110

  2. avisiongone Says:


  3. magicpeniscustard Says:

    You idiots, it’s 1010011010

  4. bumphlegm Says:

    [sigh] – i hate it when i feel the need to reply to fools…
    nice comments you dumb arse brother fuckers whom seem to know not of satan, iron maiden nor binary…
    six six six – the number of the beast – not six hundred and sixty six..goddamn whiney little bitches with no mind nor creativity of their own. keep it up – i love watching you FAIL.

  5. John Briggs Says:

    Hmmm and I always thought the number of the beast was 6699

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