The Ginger Ninja’s guide to writing for Robot Chicken. . .

robot chickens script is no better written than episode 1 of star wars. . .

6 Responses to “The Ginger Ninja’s guide to writing for Robot Chicken. . .”

  1. Bob Dole Says:

    You forgot to mention that they are hillarious if you have a sense of humour. Which apparently you don’t.

  2. Says:

    hehehe sorry to have gotten you so defensive there bobby but apparently unlike yours i’d say my sense of humour has progressed beyond the level of a twelve year old male. yes occasionally they do come up with a script that is genius but on a whole their writing is nothing more than poor. i do however think their skills at animating are quite impressive (although arguably anyone with a fully functioning brain and a budget equal to theirs could produce as good a show if not better). Either way, who really cares? I wouldn’t say my opinions are worth spending the time to leave such a highly intelligible and articulate comment on. But thanks, i do enjoy knowing that i’ve upset someone…
    Seth, is that you? Its ok buddy, relax, you’ll still get that fourth season…hehehe

  3. T Says:

    the genius is obviously not in following a formula, but in creating said formula. sometimes the best ideas are the most simple. its easy to be a critic.

  4. GOD Says:

    How many times can getting kicked in the nuts be funny? Not for three seasons thats for sure.

  5. Seth Says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you also don’t think that shows like South park are funny. Well I will say each to their own, But Robot Chicken is hands down absolutely hilarious, who cares if it’s weak writing? It makes me and a whole lot of other people bust a gut laughing and that is what is important. It has nothing to do with the sense of humor of a twelve year old male.

  6. bumphlegm Says:

    i knew when i commented on my own page last year it was bad idea and have never bothered to since as i much prefer to read what others think and leave it at that. i feel no need to try to guide people with my opinion – the post itself is more than enough..anyways back to something..
    your articulate comment has several holes which i don’t care enough about to point out.
    you also assume incorrectly.
    if you enjoy it then good for you – enjoy it.
    if you care so much to comment then maybe reread what i originally wrote.
    i will not engage in the arguing of opinion with you. it is silly.
    this is the second and last time i will comment on this website.
    rest easy citizen

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