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Timmy’s Penis – A parent’s little helper.

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The first of twenty-three novels in the Cult of Celebrity Kill Team Chronicles has finally made it to iTunes as an iBook for download onto your iDevices and, it is FREE.

If you need help explaining to your children the awkward subjects of incest, war and disease then this is the book for you.

Click below to get it from iTunes:

Timmy's Penis - Teddy Edward

For those of you who don’t use Apple products, we will have a link up here soon so you can download it directly from us.

Timmy's Penis

I could see it being funny in the 90′s

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

is what I said. As if somehow that made it’s weaker qualities acceptable.
And the response to that was:
“Possibly if it was novel, which it isn’t at this stage of the game, it’d be a lot funnier. The ep I watched earlier had one of the skits basically being about how they say “fuck” a lot. It’s clearly a pre-2girls1cup sorta world they’re living in.”
And it was just. It was true. Once you watch the least safe for work video ever there is not much else left. What is real anymore? Breaking glass in your bum, having a horse fuck you in the arse – these things have left me with a hunger for content that can not be satisfied.
Nothing is real now unless it has been shared with the internets.
End review of Mr Show.