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hey bitch it’s our internet too

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

dumb bitch can't mind her own

u can has cat-burger??

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

i hate lolcatz

Dead LOL cat. . .

Monday, December 24th, 2007

sometimes i get in those moods where i shouldn’t post…

I really do, well mostly...

07/12/2010: Ok. So the comments below are starting to get a little silly.
A few things you should think about before you abuse me anymore:
1. I did not harm this cat, nor would I deliberately harm any animal.
2. I did not take this photo.
3. I have never met or communicated with this cat.
4. Despite their negative effects on the local wildlife, for over half my life I have had cats living with me. Never have I resorted to an act of violence towards any one of these cats.
5. A quick walk around my site should suggest to you that I am vegan (well, I struggle, but I do as well as I can).
6. Tired of an inbox flooded with cute pictures, I resented LOL cats, in fact, I began to hate them. That is my opinion. You are entitled to yours.
7. Please, if you like LOL cats then start a website telling everyone how much this is the case. That is ok with me. I will not threaten you or post your DNS and contact details in your comments section because it will have nothing to do with me. The more noise out there the better.
8. If you do not like the content on this site then please do not feel you have to visit this site. We are in no need for your hits – we have no advertising here.
9. Getting so upset by an image (yes, a series of colours representing something) and some words (that collectively form an opinion) that your reaction is to first threaten me with physical harm and then to state that you feel I have done something wrong seems at best, illogical. But that is ok, I guess as long as you are happy and can get a good night’s sleep.
10. How many of you abusing me consume animals, I wonder? Use of any animal product or item tested on animals means you are in support of the torture and murdering of animals. I don’t care if it is a cat, a pig, a worm in my anus, its all the same.
11. Do you get this outraged walking past a car with the horrifically smashed up bodies of dead insects on the windshield? What about when you walk past a steak in a supermarket or butchers? We are surrounded by the horrific, we are surrounded by death. Social conditioning has made you blind to parts.
12. Death is a big, scary thing. It’s something you can not control. But don’t worry, we don’t judge you when your fear shows itself as anger.
13. Bumphlegm has no control over what your children view on the internet, but you, as their parent, should.
14. Oh and by the way, making death threats is also a criminal offence and I now have your IP addresses. Thank you, you narrow minded fucks.

–bUMpHLEGM.COM would like to thank you all for your continued support and for the help with the mathematics–