Teddy Edward’s Life Becomes Parody


Teddy Edward's Life Becomes Parody

Teddy Edward claims to be pushing evolution forward hundreds of years by undoing the damage of church and state however outsiders claim he is in fact the head of a cult whose final solution stops no shorter than the total annihilation of the human race. Currently both claims are considered to be lies.


Five in the Poo E.P.- available 22nd December 2012 (iTunes release date)

Freddy’s Black Hole (novel) – released 3rd December 2012. Free download from iBooks / iTunes available now and soon it will be available directly from us too.

Freddy's Black Hole - Teddy Edward

Timmy’s Penis (novel) – released 31st October 2012. Free download from iBooks / iTunes available now and soon you’ll be able to get it from us directly.

Timmy's Penis - Teddy Edward

Teddy Edward – (ukulele, vocals, clarinet, arrangement)
Satan’s Trousers – (programming, drums)
Steve Bennette – (occasionals, promises)
A’isha al Mukhtar – (keyboards, vocals, double bass)
Andy Wells – (composition)

Known in Sydney as the band that composed the music that was playing when Anna Wood died from a lack of drug education, Teddy Edward’s Life Becomes Parody were also instrumental in the more recent, and successful Gillard / Rudd leadership challenge. Allegedly funded by the mining industry, key government officials still deny not only their role but their existence.

Photos have emerged of their presence at the illegal parties of high profile real estate moguls in Canadian territories, and getting out of Alan Jones’ private vehicles.

Although previous court orders have been lifted, they have not, and never intend to reference anything to do with the internets or Gangnam style.

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